HotShot Smokeless fire pit FAQ for use

Here are a few tips for using the HotShot™ smokeless fire pit!

Is my HotShot easy to assemble?

Yes! This is how to assemble a smokeless fire pit. Assembly includes using three screws to attach the heat shield to the base of the fire bowl. Then place the fire bowl on its included base, keeping the metal tabs inside the ring to secure it in place.

Is my HotShot easy to clean?

Also, yes! It is easy to clean the 304 Stainless Steel finish. To clean your smokeless fire pit polish with a slightly damp soft cloth or use a soft rag with a stainless steel-friendly nonabrasive cleanser. When the fire pit is completely cooled, lift the fire bowl off the base, and turn it upside down to release the ashes. Then replace the fire bowl on the base and wipe it dry and clean.

Placing wood in the HotShot on the patio


Any storage suggestions?

A HotShot purchase includes its own custom carry bag or cover.  The fire pit may be stored outside with the appropriate cover, but during the harshest of weather, we recommend that you wipe it down removing any moisture on the surface, and store it in a clean, dry space when not in use.

Is this okay to use in the snow?

Yes, the HotShot may be moved temporarily in the snow- but once cooled, please completely dry all parts of the fire pit before covering, to slow the possibility of rust forming on the fire pit. Store the covered unit in a clean, dry area.

Safety tips:

Like any wood-burning fire pit, children and pets should not be left unattended near any lit fire pit. It is hot to the touch – everywhere – during use. The supercharged heat also emanates from all sides, as well as from inside the fire bowl.

HotShot and S'mores at the camp site

Can we use it on a covered porch?

No, for fire safety, we do not recommend any wood-burning fire pit to be used on a covered porch, or within 10 feet of any flammable surface or materials.

Can we use it on a deck?

No, to prevent damage to your deck, whether it be wood or artificial, we do not recommend the use of the HotShot on any decks. The surface may be flammable, or be stained, singed, melted, or otherwise damaged by the extreme heat.

Can we move it while lit?

No, it is never safe to move the HotShot while lit. It must be completely cooled to safely move. While burning, every surface of the HotShot is too hot to the touch for your safety.

What is meant by smokeless?

The HotShot uses advanced technology to create a double burn action – which means 70% of the smoke generated by a typical wood-burning fire pit is burned off – and the resulting 30% is almost undetectable.

How do you extinguish a fire in a HotShot?

It is best to let the fire burn itself out. Do not use water to extinguish the fire. It will cause warping and possibly staining to the steel fire pit. If you are on a beach, sand may conveniently be used to put out the fire. All sand should be removed by inverting the fire bowl before relighting a fire in the HotShot.

What size HotShot should I buy?

  • 15” HotShot – Ideal for portability. Includes base ring and its own carry bag. Accessories are sold separately, such as a cooking grill, mesh spark screen, and stainless-steel lid. Comfortable for 3-5 average-sized adults to circle around it for warmth.
  • 19.5” HotShot – Still portably sized, but more ideal for RV Trips, camping or to enjoy in your own backyard. Includes base ring and carry bag. Accessories are sold separately such as a cooking grill, mesh spark screen, and stainless-steel lid. Comfortable for 6-8 average-sized adults to surround.
  • 25” HotShot- Ideal for larger backyard bonfires, it is well-sized to warm your whole family outside, placed on a fire-safe surface. Includes base ring and cover. Comfortable for 5-11 average-sized adults.

 All sizes are available through the

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