Best BBQ Beer Pairings

Let’s set the scene: you’re sitting outside on a nice, hot summer day, you have your Dyna-Glo grill cooking up your favorite BBQ, and suddenly you realize your hands are a little empty. You know what would go perfect in them? Your favorite beer. But what’s even greater than that is a beer that is going to enhance the flavors of your barbecue even better!

So what beer would enhance my flavors better? You may have just asked. Well, it depends on what you’re grilling! Let’s dive in!

Amber Pale Pairing-

Having a more crispy, drier finish, these beers tend to have a caramel, rich finish. This makes them pretty versatile beers in the sense where they can pair pretty well with just about anything you put on your grill. While they are a pretty safe bet with almost anything, the flavors of an amber pale really bring out the deliciousness of a jerk chicken and a pulled pork.

Pale Lager-

On the lighter bodied side, with a higher carbonation, and a dry finish these beers tend to pair pretty well with foods like chicken, salad, seafood, and fried foods. It is more of a refreshing, easier to drink beer, and one of the most commonly used around the world as a go-to.

IPAs or India Pale Ales-

IPAs are known for their hoppy flavor. The hops in these kinds of beers tend to give them a bit of a drier, more bitter flavor than any other beer. Their unique flavors help them to pair well with barbecue such as charcoal-cooked red meats, ribs, beef brisket, and grilled lamb.


Stouts are known for their dark, strong-roasted malt that can carry hints of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Sometimes even a more burnt flavor can be detected. Stouts need something that is going to also match up to their intense flavor pallets, so pairing them with something like a bleu cheese bacon burger would be spot on. They also pair very well with BBQ ribs or any red meat.


Because they taste exactly as they’re called: sour! Sour beer’s flavors come from the different way they are fermented, and that usually involves a fruit of some kind as well. Sour beers tend to pair pretty well with grilled sausages, and an oilier fish like salmon, as well as BBQ ribs.

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