Four Cast Iron BBQ Tools You Are Sure To Love from DynaGlo

Add 4 additional Cast Iron BBQ tools to your grilling collection. 

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or a beginner, DynaGlo has the tools you need to create delicious meals outdoors.

  1. Catch the hot trend of grilling your pizza with DynaGlo’s Cast Iron Pizza Pan. This pan features a raised edge to corral those delicious toppings while giving you extra space for even more cheese or sauce. The cast iron material gets very hot, but it also retains heat very well, making it perfect for cooking pizzas directly on your Pizza Pan atop the grill.
  2. No more running into the kitchen to complete the sautéed side dish or tri tip dipping sauce when you have DynaGlo’s Cast Iron Skillet to mix and melt ingredients simultaneously on your grill. The side dishes may now be served hot! The skillet has a seasoned finish that makes cleanup easy, plus its durable construction means you can use this skillet for generations with minor care.
  3. DynaGlo’s Cast Iron BBQ Press can enhance your Barbeque skills with juicy meats, speed up the grilling of vegetables—and to catch up to your main course’s timing.
  4. DynaGlo’s Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates add a new dimension to your grill with a nonstick porcelain finish, and an ideal cooking surface for searing meats, seafood, or smaller veggies.


We’re talking grilled pizza…

And you know it's going to be awesome!

DynaGlo’s 18” Diam. Cast Iron Pizza Pan, is a must have for all pizzerias and backyard barbecues. You can now create that special BBQ’d flavor on your own grill.  Gourmet pizzas on the BBQ can be simple using our specially designed cast iron pan to cook a delicious, golden brown crust all with your favorite toppings. The cast iron pan has two handles for easy transport from grill to table, so you can serve up your fire-roasted masterpiece with ease. A fun option to make when you don’t want to heat up your kitchen, it will impress friends and family with the grilled flavor. Grab your pizza dough recipe, tomato sauce and best toppings to enjoy the outdoor BBQ pizza experience.

Tips for grilling pizza:

  1. The best pizzas are made in super-hot ovens, and your BBQ can reach higher temps than your indoor oven when the lid traps the heat inside.
  2. Preheat your DynaGlo Cast Iron Pizza Pan on grill for 5 minutes.
  3. Add either olive oil to the pan, or corn meal, as to your preference, right before you place the dough atop.
  4. The best weight pizza dough to cook on a grill is medium to extra-thick. A thin crust may blacken before your toppings are completely cooked.
  5. Prepare ingredients for fast assembly- the longer it takes you to assemble on the hot pizza pan, the more the bottom cooks, instead of the whole pizza. If you have less time than money (like most of us), consider using store bought dough instead of making it yourself!
  6. Add some fresh accents when you take it off the grill – strips of cut fresh basil, a custom blend of Italian seasonings, or the beloved red pepper flakes.
  7. Wait a few minutes to serve- as not only the pizza pan is searing hot, but the pizza itself, (especially the cheese), needs to cool before eating.


Cast Iron Skillet cooking on the Grill?

The natural heat retention and ability to sear meat makes it a must-have for any serious BBQ chef.

The flavor is amazing when you cook on the grill with the DynaGlo Grilling Cast Iron Skillet with its’ heavy-duty cast iron that can last for generations. Sauté, stir-fry, or sear all your favorite foods with this two-handled 10” Skillet. While the steaks sear directly on the grill, you can prepare the side dishes beside the meat. Fajita vegies, spinach sautéed with mushrooms and bacon, or your favorite dipping sauce are all easy options to cook with your grilled entrée.


  1. Cast iron is a popular choice for many chefs because it holds heat well and distributes heat evenly. Cast iron skillets can be used on the stovetop or in the oven, making them a versatile addition to any chef.
  2. This pan arrives pre-seasoned.
  3. If you wash cast iron with water following its use, you can pop it back on a warm grill for 5 minutes to just dry off all traces of water to prevent rust.
  4. Two-handles make it easy to move about, and the sloped sides keep the juices and sauce contained.
  5. Cast Iron is not recommended for acidic foods, such as tomatoes, or flaky delicate fish. Any acidic food may pick up an undesirable irony-flavor, so lemon juice, vinegar and even wine are to be avoided.
  6. Food like sugar-based sticky desserts and light, thin delicate fish may tend to stick to even the best of seasoned pans.
  7. Try double tortilla chicken quesadillas – or favorite breakfast foods like hash browns and French toast on the DynaGlo Cast Iron Skillet for a fun outside-made meal.

DynaGlo Grill Press on its side to show the pattern in the Cast IronNew to using a Cast Iron BBQ Press?

From impromptu Panini sandwiches to double searing your meat…

This grill tool will help you develop new skills.

The Cast Iron BBQ Press by Dyna-Glo helps make grilling easier, faster, and healthier! Dyna-Glo's Cast Iron BBQ Press can enhance your BBQ skills and speed up the cooking process by searing both sides of juicy meat or vegetables simultaneously. Simply pre-heat the press and start searing!

This wooden handled grill press is also great for making paninis right on your grill! Dyna-Glo's Cast Iron BBQ Press can enhance your BBQ skills and speed up the cooking process by searing both sides of juicy meat or vegetables simultaneously. Simply pre-heat the press and start searing!  Its sturdy cast iron construction and comfortable wooden grip-handle makes it easy to use as a new favorite tool!

DynaGlo’s Cast Iron Grill Press – How to use it:

  1. To place atop a piece of grilling steak meat, before you even preheat the Cast Iron BBQ Press, rub it with cooking oil or spray it with a non-stick spray, then place it over direct heat for a few minutes until smoking hot. The preheated Grill Press provides a secondary heat source to start to cook the top facing side of the meat, while retaining more moisture.
  2. Most professional BBQ chefs recommend that you allow the weight of the press to do the job for you, as pressing down on a meat may cause a dangerous flame flare up.
  3. Remember to always use heat resistant gloves or oven mitts when handling the grill press.
  4. While preheating the press on the grill, you can pre-assemble your panini. When ready, place the sandwich on the grill, then place the DynaGlo Cast Iron BBQ Press atop the sandwich. Let it start to sear the top bread layer of your sandwich before you even flip it.
  5. For grilling super-thick cut bacon, or ham slices, you may use the DynaGlo Cast Iron BBQ Press to lessen the spatter and add some heat (when preheated) to the top side. While also keeping any of the meat edges from curling.
  6. Fruits and veggies- Grilled Pineapple slices, half peaches and plantains are favorites for the DynaGlo BBQ Press. (Remember to oil press before use!)
  7. While all the illustrations above show the BBQ press as being used with food placed directly on the grill – another example is using the DynaGlo Cast Iron BBQ Press with a DynaGlo Cast Iron Skillet. This can keep the peppers and onions cooking on the grill or keep them warm if removed from the grill while the meat is finishing up.


DynaGlo Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates, and speaking of more delicate grilling foods….

Dyna-Glo's Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates add a new dimension of performance to your grill. Cast Iron is ideal for retaining and transferring high heat for searing and the non-stick porcelain finish is ideal for cooking seafood, poultry or smaller veggies.

Fun features:

  1. The 8-in wide porcelain surface resists sticking, cleans easily and has an adjustable length that expands from 14” to 20” to fit different-sized grills. 
  2. This DynaGlo Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grate provide an ideal grilling surface for more delicate food items, like Ahi tuna, sliced zucchini, and for a fun twist… watermelon!
  3. Easy to add to your grill, you just slide the two grates apart to fit your BBQ size.
  4. This Grate has a porcelain coating to reduce food sticking and can remove easily when cooled, for in sink cleaning.

For further information on DynaGlo Cast Iron Grill tools please see our respected DynaGlo retailers including:  Lowes, The Home Depot, Target, and Walmart.


DynaGlo Cast Iron Pizza Pan

DynaGlo Cast Iron Skillet

DynaGlo Cast Iron BBQ Press

DynaGlo Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates



DynaGlo Cast Iron Pizza Pan

DynaGlo Cast Iron Skillet

DynaGlo Cast Iron BBQ Press

DynaGlo Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates


The Home Depot

DynaGlo Cast Iron Pizza Pan

DynaGlo Cast Iron Skillet

DynaGlo Cast Iron BBQ Press

DynaGlo Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates



DynaGlo Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Walmart- DynaGlo Cast Iron Skillet not yet available.

Walmart- DynaGlo BBQ Press not yet available

DynaGlo Universal Cast Iron Cooking Grates

 Cast Iron BBQ accessories: Pizza pan, skillet, grill press and Universal Grill extender

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