Why is filtering your water important for your home?

We all know that water is essential part of every home. It helps us stay clean, our bodies, our clothes, and our homes. But most importantly, it keeps us hydrated and healthy.

It may not be something you specifically think about regularly, however having clean, filtered water can be extremely beneficial to you and your family. Having purified water to drink is one of the top human essentials, so today we are going to talk about reasons why filtering your water may be something you and your family can benefit from.

  • Filtering your water can help to reduce toxins like heavy metals, chlorine, and bacterial contaminants which not only offers better health benefits, but also can help with better smelling and better tasting water.
  • Filtering is better for the environment! While you may be thinking, I can just easily go to the grocery store and buy bottled water. You absolutely can! However, by using a filter you help to reduce the amount of plastic that is being bought and used. A filter is a long term purchase that you can get many uses out of, vs a one time use plastic water bottle.
  • Research shows that ridding your water of chemicals and heavy metals with filters can help with reducing the risk of many types health issues. The less harmful toxins you put into your body, the less of a risk you are at for developing diseases within your body.

Our PUR® and Vitapur water filtration systems span the whole spectrum of filtration and purification. Whether it's just a simple water filtration pitcher or an entire home filtration system, you can design your system to suit your family's needs. Our range of different prices and filtration systems allows you to either slowly make the switch to cleaner water in your home, or jump all in.

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